Lawn Care

We take pride in the properties we service. Our promise to you is to make your lawn look its best. We can assess your property and develop a program to fit your needs and budget.

Blade Runners is your official one-stop-shop for Lawn Care Services in Cedar Falls, Waterloo and the entire Cedar Valley. Whether you need spring or fall cleanups, mowing, trimming, pruning or weed control and fertilization, we are here for you. Please contact us for your free consultation.


Blade Runners offers a well-balanced five step fertilization and weed control program customizable to suit your needs. Blade Runners applies top quality products and uses the correct steps to achieve a thriving lawn.

Round 1 – Early Spring Application – Fertilizer/Crabgrass Control

Round 2 – Spring Lawn Application – Broadleaf Weed Control

Round 3– Early Summer Lawn Application Granular Slow-Release Fertilizer

Round 4 – Summer Lawn Application Broadleaf Weed Control

Round 5 – Fall Lawn Application Fertilizer/Weed Control


Grub Control


Grubs typically damage lawns by feeding on grass roots and killing the grass. Brown patches that don’t green up in the spring may be a result of grubs from the previous fall. Turf that feels spongy or that lifts up easily to reveal damaged roots or no roots at all often indicate grub damage. Blade Runners has professional chemicals prevent grubs or get your current grub problem under control .




Keep your shrubs and bushes looking great with our pruning services.


Core Aeration


Lawn aeration is one of the most beneficial practices utilized in lawn care, and one of the most often overlooked. The process of removing small soil cores improves water efficiency, while reducing runoff from the lawn. Aeration improves fertilizer efficiency, increases turn vigor and insect/disease tolerance, and boosts the oxygen supply to your lawn’s critical root system. A healthy, properly aerated lawn improves the environment by collecting dust and pollutants, filtering rainfall, reducing erosion and providing a cooling effect. Aeration may be done in the spring or fall, when the ground is soft enough for the machine to penetrate the soil.



Over-seeding is the practice of broadcasting seed over an already established lawn. Over-seeding can help thicken turf thereby reducing weed pressure and competition. A thick, healthy lawn chokes out weeds and reduces the need for herbicides. Over-seeding is usually done after core aeration.




Although Core Aeration can control thatch on most lawns, there are some instances in which power raking or dethatch is necessary, especially on newly sodded lawns. Dethatch is used to remove the thatch layer in lawns where thatch is over 1/2″ thick. If not removed, thatch: Creates a home for insects and disease, Causes heat/snow stress, Restricts air movement to roots, and Restricts water movement.


Spring and Fall Cleanups


Let Blade Runners clean up your lawn and get it ready for spring and clean up leaves before a long winter. Cleanups are one of the most important services in maintaining a beautiful lawn.